Agents of CSA

Part #1 (Trouble with Apes)

Mission #1 (Troubles with Apes)
The first few events of the campaign all centered around the devious apefolk scientist turned villain- Dr. Mazra. It is widely known that even among the highly intelligent apefolk, Dr. Mazra was one of the most brilliant scientific minds of the modern world. He was a professor at UofT whose primary field of study was in computer and robotics engineering. However, his mind was brilliant enough that genetics was his secondary area of expertise. Dr. Mazra was progressive in many ways. He was openly involved in a relationship with a human woman named Moria Chen. Moria was also a reputable professor/scientist involved in the study of genetics. Many people frowned on the relationship, and in the end it led to tragedy.

The story began about eight years prior when the couple was walking on campus one evening and were assaulted by a group of antiape humans. The group was led by man named Alex Chong. Alex Chong was Moria’s ex boyfriend, and apparently he was extremely jealous of her relationship with Mazra. Both Moria and Mazra sustained injuries, but the beating given to Mazra was far worse. Mazra and Chen were rushed to hospital. Moria was able to recover from her injuries, but Mazra was left in a coma. It seemed unlikely that he would live, and he ended up being shipped to the apefolk nation of New Azunia (Trinidad/Tobago in our world) for experimental medical treatment. The event was big news in the city, and stirred up much discussion about the state of race relations between the apefolk and humans. Fortunately, Alex and his cronies were arrested, tried and convicted for their crime.

According to the reports from New Azunia, Mazra was in a coma for two years, and despite the best medical care facilities in the world he was reported to have died. Moria made a full recovery and eventually moved on with her life. She continued her work at UofT. A few years after Mazra’s death, she fell for another apefolk professor. His name was Dr. Azuth and he was also a geneticist. The pair dated for a couple of years and fell in love. The two made major headlines when they began a project to develop a means by which humans and apefolk could successfully reproduce with one another. Moria and Azuth were the first trial couple for their experiment, and they had managed to conceive.

The heroes’ first mission began when Moria was well into her pregnancy. Dr. Azuth was kidknapped from a restaurant- apparently by Alex Chong and more antiape minions (though only Alex was identified, as he was the only one not wearing a mask). Police were sent to Moira’s home to protect her in case Alex came for her. CSA was called in to help with the investigation. As it turned out things were not as they seemed. The heroes went to the police station to question members of HUF (Human Unity Front) that were known former associates of Alex and had been brought in for questioning. While they were questioning them the police station was attacked by a pair of superhuman ape terrorists with AFA (Apes for Apes) insignias on their costumes. However whether this was really the case was not determined. The heroes managed to apprehend the pair after they caused some damage to police HQ and stop a riot from apes rights protestors outside who were being emotionally controlled by another mysterious ape terrorist (who escaped).

Next the heroes found out that contact had been lost with the bodyguard team protecting Moria. They hurried to her home and discovered the SWAT team dead. They were in time to battle a group of well armed HUF (Human Unity Front) agents and Alex Chong. However Alex Chong was not Alex Chong. Alex was actually a highly sophisticated android who had assumed the identity of Alex Chong in an effort to frame him for the attack on Chen and Azuth; thus drawing attention away from the true mastermind behind the operation. The android and the surviving HUF agents were captured and brought back to CSA. Moria was also brought back to CSA. She had been slightly injured, but it looked as though the HUF goons had been trying to capture her not kill her.

The android was studied, and it was determined that it was made up of liquid circuitry that was similar in some ways to Oblique’s design (An android agent working for CSA). The captured HUF members could not be interrogated because they had been mind wiped and didn’t even seem to know their own names. However, several were identified based on criminal records. They were mercenaries with anti ape tendencies, but it didn’t seem likely that HUF could have outfitted them with the high tech weaponry and body armor they had been wearing. There was more to it than met the eye, and things were happening outside CSA’s control. A video had been posted on the internet showing men that claimed to be members of HUF beating Dr. Azuth to death. His body was found in park on the waterfront in the west end. Race relations were heating up in the city, and the apefolk community was up in arms.

A lead came in the form of an undercover apefolk CSA agent working in AFA named Uba. He had been attacked in his apartment, apparently by more members of HUF (but later events suggested that this too was likely a set up), and he was currently on the move, trying to escape his assailants. The heroes had to move in fast to save him late at night from the human thugs. After rescuing him, they questioned the thugs that survived. The men claimed to be members of HUF who had been ordered to take out Uba because he was a member of AFA.

Luckily Uba was able to give the heroes some useful intel. According to Uba, four days earlier there had been a big AFA meeting, and at the meeting the members were introduced to a new elder brother called Zargon. Zargon was apparently sent from New Talania to help oversee operations, and improve morale and increase membership. Zargon gave a speech, and Uba believed that he may have used some sort of emotion control powers because after the speech he was left feeling incredibly loyal to Zargon, which is why he never reported any of it back to CSA. The attack and his injuries helped him to shake off this feeling, and he claimed to be feeling back to his old self. He told the agents that Zargon had prophesized that the apefolk would soon enter into a period of darkness, and that he would be the light to help guide them through it.

The evening Uba was attacked, he had learned that Zargon had called another important AFA meeting in response to the events in the news. Uba knew the location the meeting was to be held at and the time. The heroes also deduced from his story that maybe Zargon was the one who had tried to instigate the riot at the police station.

The agents went to investigate a building in the west end based on Uba’s lead. It was a trap. Instead of a meeting, the heroes received a telepathic message.

“The time has come for apefolk to take their place as the dominant species on this planet. Working and living side by side with humans has been a mistake. Humans are nothing more than savage, animals, savage animals that try to guise themselves as civilized, thinking beings, but I have come to see the true face of humanity. I have come to realize what must be done, and it will begin with those who have made me what I am today. I have been waiting many years for my revenge. Alex has now paid for what he did to me. His cohorts should be dead, but thanks to you they still live. Moria should be beside me, but thanks to you she is not. Your interfering has become increasingly vexing. Let me show you what I do to those who vex me. Meet the real Alex Chong or what used to be Alex Chong. I now call him Spasm.”

At this point the heroes faced a deadly and mutated version of Alex Chong along with some nasty rotor drones equipped with machine guns. It was a tough fight, but the agents defeated Spasm and the drones, though not without Whuzam Fung searing Gun’s face during the battle.

The connection had become clear. It seemed that Dr. Mazra must still be alive, and that he must have been responsible for the events of the past couple of days. Unfortunately, they had no leads by which to track him down.

Over the next couple months racial tensions continued. AFA was declared a terrorist organization and was banned by the Canadian government. Efforts were made apprehend the apefolk known as Zargon and capture Dr. Mazra. None of these efforts were successful.

It was decided that with Mazra still it large, it was not safe for Moria to go home. She remained in protective custody at CSA head quarters as she prepared to give birth to her half human, half ape child.



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