Agents of CSA

Mission #3 (Final conflict with Dr. Mazra)

Mission #3 (Attack on CSA head quarters, final battle with Dr. Mazra)
Dubito and St. Clair had suffered wounds in the battle and were taken to the infirmary and had their wounds treated by Dr. Zuna, an apefolk doctor with extensive healing powers. Suddenly everyone in CSA was bombarded by an ominous telepathic message.

“This is Dr. Mazra, and I hereby declare war on humanity. The time has come for apefolk to assert their supremacy over humanity. Those of my people who wish to ally themselves with me in this task- you must prove your loyalty and take up arms against the homosapiens. Any apefolk who aid the humans shall be treated as enemies. You have been warned.”

Before anyone had time to react, CSA headquarters was attacked by a squadron of 12’ tall, flying robots, armed with potent plasma blasters and rockets. The super agents rushed to battle the robots. Paul transformed into the fire mage known as Wuzum Fung and together with Gun and agent Dubito they destroyed three warbots. At the same time, the power in CSA shut down and communications were cut off as a powerful computer virus blasted through the facility’s state of the art firewalls and wrecked havoc on their system. CSA’s top superhuman computer geniuses, professor St. Clair and Hacker entered the system’s network and engaged the virus. Meanwhile more robots were attacking the vehicle storage and maintenance facilities on the top two floors of CSA. Another group of robots entered the main floor and had headed for the sub basement levels where the R&D labs, holding cells and power core were located. Gun and friends opted to deal with the robots attacking the lower level.

There they found three of them attempting to free Dr. Mazra’s shapeshifting android, but they were able to destroy the bots before the android could escape. When they returned to the upper sections of the complex the remaining warbots had already fled and headed towards the city. The machines had inflicted extensive damage on the building and destroyed most of the vehicles. Many agents had been killed or injured. Hacker and St. Clair had managed to shut down the virus, but hacker had taken bio feedback damage through his datajack while jacked into the network. Hacker was brought to the infirmary for treatment. Luckily, St. Clair, though injured, could still function. He was able to enter the computer systems of one of the destroyed robots with his machine empathy. This allowed him to scan the robots memory files and determine that their point of origin was from a robotics facility in Brampton called Innovation robotics. The company was based out of New Azunia and it was known to be a private apefolk corporation, but determining much about its ownership proved to be impossible for the time being, as it was owned through various shell corporations.

Director Verexes decided that investigating Innovation Robotics was a top priority. Unfortunately, due to the damage done to the vehicle bay, CSA was in no position to provide much in the way of tactical support. Furthermore, there were still warbots rampaging through the downtown core. It was decided that Gun, Dynasty and Agent Dubito were going to have to go investigate the Robotics facility on their own, while other CSA resources were committed to stopping the warbots attacking downtown. Paul called upon his spiritual avatars once more. This time he transformed into the hulking, dumpling devouring, Chinese warrior known as Yung Fung. The three agents hurried to Innovation robotics. There they entered an R&D lab where they confronted a group of apefolk lab technicians, 2 warbots, 4 rotor drones, and Dr. Mazra himself. It was clear that Dr. Mazra had survived the attack on him that had taken place some 8 years prior. However his body had been broken, and his new body had been rebuilt as a powerful apefolk cyborg. This combined with his deadly mental powers made him a formable foe. Paul and Gun busied themselves battling the robots and drones, while Dubito went after Mazra. He managed to tackle the apefolk doctor and bring him to the ground. But before he could harm him, Mazra began blasting him with his mindblast powers. Dubito was nearly killed, and he was forced to retreat. He tagged off Dynasty who charged the doctor with everything he had. The giant brute of a warrior came crashing down on top of Mazra shattering his cyber chest and crushing his lungs. Mazra was rendered unconscious and soon the remainder of the robots and drones had been dealt with. Unfortunately, in the fight Dynasty had hurled a warbot into a large pressurized container covered with biohazard signs. The container had been damaged and was leaking. The heroes decided it was best to get out right away, so they took Mazra with them and returned to CSA.

Epilogue/Loose Ends

- CSA has secured the innovation robotics facility. They have managed to acquire a sample of what escaped the pressurized containment tank. Tests have been conducted and it has been determined that it is a highly communicable, bioengineered, weaponized virus that attacks the central nervous system. The virus will affect humans not apefolk, and causes death to those infected in approximately 2-3 days. Gun was the only member of the team infected by the virus. Fortunately, Dr. Zuna was able to use her healing powers to cure him. CSA is of course concerned that there may be more of the virus around, and if that is a case it is a major risk to national security. The facility’s computer systems are being investigated for clues, however a computer virus was found in the system, and it has been wiping the system of all data.

- CSA has also been investigating the Innovation Robotics Corporation. They have determined that Mazra shipped in the warbots from New Talania in small unassuming pieces and had them assembled at the factory. The robots are apefolk tech, but likely designed by Mazra during his time in New Azunia and New Talania. It seems likely that Mazra established extensive connections with anti human factions in the apefolk nations before returning to Canada to begin his agenda of revenge and war on humanity. It is unclear how extensive this network of allies is or whether they still pose a threat. The events have put a strain on relations between the Canadian government and the ape nations. The government considers the attack on CSA hq an act of war, and they are demanding that the ape nations help them bring to justice any confederates that were helping Mazra by supplying and moving the weaponry he used against CSA.

CSA now has Dr. Mazra in custody. His cybernetic body has been badly damaged, and he is in a coma. He is under heavy guard, and his vitals are being monitored closely. CSA knows how dangerous his telepathic powers are, and they want to make sure that if he shows any signs of regaining consciousness, he’s equipped with a neural inhibitor band that will prevent him from using his telepathic powers.

- The damage to CSA is being assessed. Most of the hover vehicles were destroyed and many agents were wounded or killed. Significant damage was inflicted to the structure of CSA head quarters. The public is shaken and scared.

- Armorine, Dr. Mazra’s android, Hypersonic (the ape flyer), Kong and Gamora (the two apefolk that attacked the police station in mission #1) are still in CSA custody awaiting virtual trial- they are considered too dangerous to appear in court, so a virtual courthouse is created on a secure government server and the trial is to take place in cyberspace.

- Moria Chen is still in CSA protective custody and is almost ready to give birth.

- The virus that infected the CSA system is being examined, but the full extent of damage has yet to be determined. It is known that the network has been badly damaged and thousands of sensitive files have been corrupted or deleted. The virus itself is highly sophisticated and unlike anything seen before. Apefolk scientists fear it may be based on the virus that they believe infected their ships years ago.

- The emotion controlling apefolk ally of Dr. Mazra known as Zargon is still at large, and believed to still be operating in the city. The extent of Zargon’s organization is unknown, but he is considered to be a major threat to national security, and it has become a priority of CSA to apprehend him.

- Racial tensions between humans and apes remain high in the city.

-HUF (Human Unity Foundation) and AFA (Apes for Apes) have both been banned/outlawed, but are believed to operating underground and are considered terrorist threats. It is now illegal to have ties to any of these groups



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