Agents of CSA

Mission #7, Dr. Sin a.k.a. Lung the Chinese Dragon

It is December of 1947, and Gun, Dubito and Dynasty have been living in London in a flat provided by the government. Paul Fung has been investigating magical means of traveling forward in time. Paul learns of a man in London’s Chinatown named Mr. Chang who owns an antique shop and is reputed to be an expert on the occult. Mr. Chang may know something about a ritual that could allow them to use time travel.

The heroes go his shop, only to discover it is closed. They soon realize that Mr. Chang lives in a well-appointed apartment above his shop; however, he is none too eager to talk to them. After some pestering and diplomacy they convince Mr. Chang to let them in, and they offer to help him recover his daughter who has been kidknapped. They discover that his shop was broken into the night before, and that criminals were looking for some relic that he is no longer in possession of. They seem to think that he does in fact have the relic and they have taken his daughter hostage, threatening to kill her if he doesn’t bring it to them. The kidknappers have also promised to kill him if he speaks to anyone about what happened.

Mr. Chang is clearly scared of the men who took his daughter and afraid for his life. However, he doesn’t get a chance to tell the heroes much because suddenly tong assassins leap in from a broken skylight and kick in the door. They try to kill both Mr. Chang and the heroes. Their leader is far more capable than the rest of them, having fists the burn with mystic chi flame. A fight ensues. Gun rushes to the defense of Mr. Chang blowing ninjas apart with his bullet hurling. Paul transforms to Whuzum and begins blasting them with fire, while Dubito starts hurling furniture around. The fight is over fairly quick, and the heroes manage to keep Mr. Chang alive, capture the fellow with the flaming fists, as well as a few of the ninja mooks.

After the battle, Mr. Chang shows them a letter saying that his daughter is being held at a nearby construction site, and that he needs to bring the relic before midnight or she will die. It also mentions that if he speaks to anyone about the letter she will also die. He tells the heroes that the man responsible for kidknapping her is a local triad boss named Dr. Sin.

They decide they had best hurry if they’re going to save her, and after placing a quick call to Special Branch and MI-5 to come pick up the ninjas they fly off to the nearby construction site. There they find Mr. Chang’s daughter, Lin, being buried alive in concrete. Several tongs are watching over the ordeal as well as Dr. Sin. Their approach from the air is not subtle, especially with Whuzum riding a flaming dragon he has conjuring out of fire. As soon as Dr. Sin sees them, he undergoes a transformation, changing into a massive oriental dragon. He surges into the air flying for Whuzum. Whuzum blasts the creature with fire, but it has no affect on the dragon, and the creature claws at him, grazing the old man, but still causing a nasty wound. Gun uses his telekinesis to pull Lin out of the concrete and fly her to safety. Thomas lands in the construction site and promptly hurls a cement mixer at the dragon, which bounces off the beast and lands on a trio of ninjas, crushing them to death. Ninjas leap in and surround Dubito, making futile attempts to slashing through his super tough hide with their swords. Paying them no mind, he leaps into the air and lays a might punch into the dragon, catching onto the beast at the same time.

The dragon decides to take Dubito for a ride, and it flies off towards the Thames River with Dubito clinging to its back. Gun follows, while Whuzum takes a moment to recover and take his rage out on some of the ninjas down below. Dubito keeps pounding at the dragon, and the beast responds by blasting him with a gout of fire. Fortunately, Dubito is immune to fire, and it does nothing other than burn off his clothing. The fight rages on, but with the heroes battling the dragon as a team, they start to gain the upper hand. In the end Lung assumes its spirit form and disappears into the Thames.

The agents regroup and plot their next move. Mr. Chang is grateful for the safe return of his daughter, and he admits to them that he lied, and that he actually does have the Jade sword that they were looking for. He explains that they might be able to use the Jade Sword to temporarily bind Xin Fang, which would give Paul time to cast the ritual needed to bind Xin Fang back inside of him. Mr. Chang also gives them information about where they might find a group of tablets that will help them travel back to their own time- they were auctioned off at a Sotheby’s auction prior to the war and were purchased by a wealthy American collector named Tatyana Vanderbilt.

The heroes decide that their first priority will be to deal with the Dragon. They decide to go Dr. Sin’s Palace of China restaurant, which they suspect is the head quarters of Dr. Sin’s criminal activities. Their visit to the restaurant doesn’t take long to escalate into a full-blown battle, especially after they discover their food is poisoned, though the poison proves only minimally effective against the hearty super heroes. Several of the waitstaff and chefs prove to be trained tongs, and Paul fights as Fei Fung, while Dubito and Gun do their usual thing. The tongs are little match for the heroes, but when Dr. Sin assumes his dragon form upstairs and brings the entire ceiling down, the real fun begins. The Palace of China is completely obliterated in the battle, but this time the heroes have a plan. Gun telekinetically drives the Jade Sword into Lung, giving Fei the opportunity triggers the blade’s magic and imprison the dragon inside, thus ending the threat of Dr. Sin.

Mission #6 (The Fall of the Third Reich)

Mission #6, The Fall of the Third Reich and the Death of Hitler

After the liberation of Paris, the heroes met with Winston Churchill in London, and they were awarded with Distinguished Conduct Medals. The were recruited by the allies to go after Hitler who had set up a base in Auschitwitz Poland where one of the Ape Folk space ships had crashed.

Flash Rogers the famous British Hero helped them with the raid. They infiltrated the ruined apefolk starship, and were confronted by a strange mutated bear that they dubbed “Elastibear” along with several super soldiers. Whuzum Fung used his fire magic to keep elastibear out of the fight, while the other heroes dealt with the ubermensche. It wasn’t long before they were forced to confront Hitler himself in the heart of the ruined alien ship. Hitler was ready for them, and he was outfitted in a battlesuite inspired by ape folk technology. In the end, they managed to kill Hitler and escape the ship.

Mission #5 (The liberation of Paris)

The campaign picked up in August of 1944. After being blasted through time and space, the heroes found themselves in Paris. It was WWII, the Germans still controlled the city, but the allies had landed on the beaches of Normandy; Operation Overlord was underway as they made their way towards to Paris to free it. The French Forces of the Interior (FFI) had begun staging attacks against their German oppressors, and things were heating up in Paris.

Gun, Dubito, and Paul (Dynasty) began the session waiting in a food line, dressed in Parisian clothing, getting the lay of the land. Professor St. Clair was nowhere to be found. In the line they heard rumors that an agent of Hitler’s known as the Iron Cross, had arrived in Paris to replace general Von Choltitz and quell the uprisings. He was also to see to it that all the jews in Paris be rounded up as quickly as possible and shipped to Poland.

Trouble ensued when a german convoy passed by, delivering a truck load of jews towards the train yard. The heroes decided to step in and were joined by two local heroes. One was a shapeshifting Russian spy who was incognito at a nearby café, and the other was a teleporter calling himself NR (Nietzsche’s Revenge). The convoy was protected by German soldiers, including an Ubermensche (german super soldier) and a German Walker (primitive mecha). NR used his powers to teleport the truck holding the prisoners to a nearby square, where he dealt with the drivers and released them. The rest of team quickly dispatched the walker and the german soldiers.

After the fight they made introductions with their two new allies. The shapeshifter called herself Natasha, and the teleporter referred to himself only as Nietzsche’s Revenge or NR. They spent a couple of minutes considering their next move, and the heroes taught NR and Natasha a few history lessons about the concentration camps and the Holocaust. They were just about to head for a train yard, when a citizen burst onto the street shouting that the Iron Cross was about to destroy Notre Dame Cathedral.

The characters hurried to Notre Dame. It was near Hotel d’Ville, the seat of the Parisian government (currently controlled by the germans). On their way Dubito landed on of his jumps on the hotel and went through the roof. A big fight ensued, as the heroes battled tanks and walkers as well as the Iron Cross, his super soldiers, and the Uber Ape. In the end the Iron Cross was defeated along with his walkers and Super Soldiers.

Mission #4 (The Rise of Xin Fang)

Mission #4 (The Rise of Xin Fang): A few weeks after their most recent mission, Moria Chen gave birth to her half human/ape folk baby- the first of its kind. At the same time CSA had decided they want to find out more about Paul/Dynasty’s powers. Science had been unable to explain them, so they contracted a sorcerer to examine Paul. The sorcerer was named Dr. Adrian Hermes. CSA was skeptical about her abilities, but she proved that she had some skill. She arrived at CSA headquarters, which was still under repair from the Warbot assault, and there in one of the empty test rooms, closely monitored by Professor St. Clair and other CSA heroes, she met with Paul. Here first step was to have Paul call forth one his personas/ancestor spirits; this enabled her to confirm that there was “magic” at work. CSA explained to her that they wanted Paul to be able to learn to control the changes, so that he could summon the spirit he wishes at will. As a result, Dr. Hermes attempted a ritual on Paul that would theoretically enable him to call forth, whichever spirit he chose. However, something went wrong with the ritual. An entirely new and undiscovered ancestor spirit was released from the depths of Paul’s psyche. This ancestor spirit proved to be a mighty sorcerer, calling himself Xin Fang. Things were different this time. Instead of Paul turning into Xin Fang, this new spirit was pulled right out of him, so that he was entirely separate from Paul. The ritual proved very taxing on Hermes and she passed out just as it culminated. Xin Fang was not in a good mood when he appeared.

“You! You little wretch! How is it possible that you have kept me imprisoned for so long? No matter, I am free now, and you shall never contain me again!”

Before Xin Fang could react Oblique was in the lab, using his time control powers to drag Paul and Hermes to safety before Xin Fang could destroy the vessel that had been holding him. Dubito smashed through the observation window, entering the lab from the control room along with Gun. However, Xin Fang was not in the mood to fight and quickly used his magic to vanish.

After the incident Paul again called on his ancestor spirits and they were questioned. It was learned that they were in fact guardians of his psyche, and it was their job to keep the spirit of Xin Fang locked inside, but now he was free. Paul’s spirits were deeply troubled, for Xin Fang posed a tremendous threat. He was said to have been an advisor to the Emperor of China during the Han Dyansty around 100 CE, and he was known to be cruel man who was also reputed to be a dark sorcerer and eunuch. Each of Paul’s other four spirits was also from this time period and in one way or another had a connection to Xin Fang and considered him to be a dangerous enemy.

It wasn’t long before Xin Fang struck. He broke into the ROM and used his magic to short out the museum’s power, which triggered a security alert. Security guards were called in, but were no match for Xin Fang’s magic. They were transformed into hairless white ghouls to be left behind as a nasty surprise for any visitors. Xin, then stole a golden talisman/mask from an traveling exhibit about ancient Chinese artifacts. The police arrived on the scene, but were ambushed by the ghouls and forced to retreat (those killed by them rose as ghouls themselves). CSA was promptly called to the scene. Professor St. Clair, Dynasty, Dubito, Gun and Oblique all converged on the museum. There the heroes fought their way through the horde of ghouls as they attempted to determine what had been stolen. Xin Fang was long gone, but he had also set up a summoning circle in museum, and he had used it to summon a demon that he left behind to deal with anyone who managed to get past the ghouls. The ghouls were easy enough opponents for the heroes, but the demon and a pair of animated lion statues offered the heroes a greater challenge.

In the end they prevailed and learned that Xin Fang had stolen an ancient, “magical,” golden mask. According to the curator, Xin Fang had worn it during his time as the emperor’s advisor/sorcerer. In fact, it had been heated up and fused to his face as punishment for displeasing the emperor early in his service. It also had a strange rune carved in the forehead that the curator knew nothing about. However, Paul’s ancestor spirits were familiar with it, and they believed that the rune was somehow connected to a remote temple in the Himelayas. Wing Fung, Paul’s warrior monk ancestor, had lived at a remote monastery that guarded the valley that held the hidden temple, and though the location of the temple had been lost to the world, Wing Fung knew its whereabouts. According to Wing, the monks did not know who built the cyclopean temple, for it had been constructed long before recorded history. The temple was considered a mystical but dark place, and it was the job of his order to keep people away from the temple, though they rarely had to perform such duties- for few people seemed to know it existed or have any interest in visiting it. However, the heroes suspected that Xin Fang would be interested in the place, though to what end they could not be sure.

Using a CSA jet, Gun, Dubito, Dynasty, Oblique and St. Claire headed for Asia. As they neared the valley that held the temple, their plane was assaulted by a terrible storm that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Luckily, the heroes successfully crash landed the plane in the valley not far from temple. They approached on foot. Upon finding the entrance to temple, which appeared to be built into the side of the mountain itself, they discovered that access was blocked by an enormous snow drift, and as they prepared to start clearing away the snow, they were ambushed by a pack of hulking yetis that had concealed themselves in the snow. In addition to the yetis, they were forced to confront a terrible giant/oni armed with a sword made from lightning. The fighting was fierce, and their foes were terrible, but fortunately the heroes were not ordinary men (one wasn’t even a man at all), and thanks to their great powers they were able to vanquish their foes.

With the battle over, they were able to clear out the entrance of the temple and push forward. Inside they found a massive sphere of pulsating, swirling energy. They could not determine exactly what the energy did, but being bold heroes they decided to go through it. They suddenly found themselves in an alternate dimension- the mythical Plateau of Leng. There they stood on a field of barren, icy, grey, windswept rock. Mountains could be seen off in the distance, and the sky was a dome composed of energy that looked much like the sphere they entered through from the temple. Bursting out of the ground in the center of the plain was an enormous, translucent crystal like structure, housing some sort of alien entity inside. The crystal was easily as tall as a ten story building, and whatever terrible thing was bound inside of it was of similar size. A field of man sized, egg shaped stones surrounded the great crystal, and a series of floating runes of energy had been conjured around the top of the crystal, and they seemed to be either funneling or sapping energy to or from the crystal prison. Additional energy from each of the runes was streaming to the mask of Xin Fang, who was levitating in the air near the structure. It was difficult to tell whether Xin Fang was siphoning energy from the crystal or channeling power to it. Either option seemed bad. Combat quickly ensued as the heroes made an effort to stop the sorcerer. They quickly discovered that his powers were incredibly formable, as he bound the heroes with shackles of energy sapping magical force and hurled devastating eldritch blasts. The heroes suffered their fair share of injuries, but eventually they managed to remove Xin Fang’s mask. Severing his connection to the colossal crystal holding the imprisoned entity. The end result was a massive burst of eldritch backlash that shunted the heroes out of the Plateau of Leng, hurling them through time and space.

Mission #3 (Final conflict with Dr. Mazra)

Mission #3 (Attack on CSA head quarters, final battle with Dr. Mazra)
Dubito and St. Clair had suffered wounds in the battle and were taken to the infirmary and had their wounds treated by Dr. Zuna, an apefolk doctor with extensive healing powers. Suddenly everyone in CSA was bombarded by an ominous telepathic message.

“This is Dr. Mazra, and I hereby declare war on humanity. The time has come for apefolk to assert their supremacy over humanity. Those of my people who wish to ally themselves with me in this task- you must prove your loyalty and take up arms against the homosapiens. Any apefolk who aid the humans shall be treated as enemies. You have been warned.”

Before anyone had time to react, CSA headquarters was attacked by a squadron of 12’ tall, flying robots, armed with potent plasma blasters and rockets. The super agents rushed to battle the robots. Paul transformed into the fire mage known as Wuzum Fung and together with Gun and agent Dubito they destroyed three warbots. At the same time, the power in CSA shut down and communications were cut off as a powerful computer virus blasted through the facility’s state of the art firewalls and wrecked havoc on their system. CSA’s top superhuman computer geniuses, professor St. Clair and Hacker entered the system’s network and engaged the virus. Meanwhile more robots were attacking the vehicle storage and maintenance facilities on the top two floors of CSA. Another group of robots entered the main floor and had headed for the sub basement levels where the R&D labs, holding cells and power core were located. Gun and friends opted to deal with the robots attacking the lower level.

There they found three of them attempting to free Dr. Mazra’s shapeshifting android, but they were able to destroy the bots before the android could escape. When they returned to the upper sections of the complex the remaining warbots had already fled and headed towards the city. The machines had inflicted extensive damage on the building and destroyed most of the vehicles. Many agents had been killed or injured. Hacker and St. Clair had managed to shut down the virus, but hacker had taken bio feedback damage through his datajack while jacked into the network. Hacker was brought to the infirmary for treatment. Luckily, St. Clair, though injured, could still function. He was able to enter the computer systems of one of the destroyed robots with his machine empathy. This allowed him to scan the robots memory files and determine that their point of origin was from a robotics facility in Brampton called Innovation robotics. The company was based out of New Azunia and it was known to be a private apefolk corporation, but determining much about its ownership proved to be impossible for the time being, as it was owned through various shell corporations.

Director Verexes decided that investigating Innovation Robotics was a top priority. Unfortunately, due to the damage done to the vehicle bay, CSA was in no position to provide much in the way of tactical support. Furthermore, there were still warbots rampaging through the downtown core. It was decided that Gun, Dynasty and Agent Dubito were going to have to go investigate the Robotics facility on their own, while other CSA resources were committed to stopping the warbots attacking downtown. Paul called upon his spiritual avatars once more. This time he transformed into the hulking, dumpling devouring, Chinese warrior known as Yung Fung. The three agents hurried to Innovation robotics. There they entered an R&D lab where they confronted a group of apefolk lab technicians, 2 warbots, 4 rotor drones, and Dr. Mazra himself. It was clear that Dr. Mazra had survived the attack on him that had taken place some 8 years prior. However his body had been broken, and his new body had been rebuilt as a powerful apefolk cyborg. This combined with his deadly mental powers made him a formable foe. Paul and Gun busied themselves battling the robots and drones, while Dubito went after Mazra. He managed to tackle the apefolk doctor and bring him to the ground. But before he could harm him, Mazra began blasting him with his mindblast powers. Dubito was nearly killed, and he was forced to retreat. He tagged off Dynasty who charged the doctor with everything he had. The giant brute of a warrior came crashing down on top of Mazra shattering his cyber chest and crushing his lungs. Mazra was rendered unconscious and soon the remainder of the robots and drones had been dealt with. Unfortunately, in the fight Dynasty had hurled a warbot into a large pressurized container covered with biohazard signs. The container had been damaged and was leaking. The heroes decided it was best to get out right away, so they took Mazra with them and returned to CSA.

Epilogue/Loose Ends

- CSA has secured the innovation robotics facility. They have managed to acquire a sample of what escaped the pressurized containment tank. Tests have been conducted and it has been determined that it is a highly communicable, bioengineered, weaponized virus that attacks the central nervous system. The virus will affect humans not apefolk, and causes death to those infected in approximately 2-3 days. Gun was the only member of the team infected by the virus. Fortunately, Dr. Zuna was able to use her healing powers to cure him. CSA is of course concerned that there may be more of the virus around, and if that is a case it is a major risk to national security. The facility’s computer systems are being investigated for clues, however a computer virus was found in the system, and it has been wiping the system of all data.

- CSA has also been investigating the Innovation Robotics Corporation. They have determined that Mazra shipped in the warbots from New Talania in small unassuming pieces and had them assembled at the factory. The robots are apefolk tech, but likely designed by Mazra during his time in New Azunia and New Talania. It seems likely that Mazra established extensive connections with anti human factions in the apefolk nations before returning to Canada to begin his agenda of revenge and war on humanity. It is unclear how extensive this network of allies is or whether they still pose a threat. The events have put a strain on relations between the Canadian government and the ape nations. The government considers the attack on CSA hq an act of war, and they are demanding that the ape nations help them bring to justice any confederates that were helping Mazra by supplying and moving the weaponry he used against CSA.

CSA now has Dr. Mazra in custody. His cybernetic body has been badly damaged, and he is in a coma. He is under heavy guard, and his vitals are being monitored closely. CSA knows how dangerous his telepathic powers are, and they want to make sure that if he shows any signs of regaining consciousness, he’s equipped with a neural inhibitor band that will prevent him from using his telepathic powers.

- The damage to CSA is being assessed. Most of the hover vehicles were destroyed and many agents were wounded or killed. Significant damage was inflicted to the structure of CSA head quarters. The public is shaken and scared.

- Armorine, Dr. Mazra’s android, Hypersonic (the ape flyer), Kong and Gamora (the two apefolk that attacked the police station in mission #1) are still in CSA custody awaiting virtual trial- they are considered too dangerous to appear in court, so a virtual courthouse is created on a secure government server and the trial is to take place in cyberspace.

- Moria Chen is still in CSA protective custody and is almost ready to give birth.

- The virus that infected the CSA system is being examined, but the full extent of damage has yet to be determined. It is known that the network has been badly damaged and thousands of sensitive files have been corrupted or deleted. The virus itself is highly sophisticated and unlike anything seen before. Apefolk scientists fear it may be based on the virus that they believe infected their ships years ago.

- The emotion controlling apefolk ally of Dr. Mazra known as Zargon is still at large, and believed to still be operating in the city. The extent of Zargon’s organization is unknown, but he is considered to be a major threat to national security, and it has become a priority of CSA to apprehend him.

- Racial tensions between humans and apes remain high in the city.

-HUF (Human Unity Foundation) and AFA (Apes for Apes) have both been banned/outlawed, but are believed to operating underground and are considered terrorist threats. It is now illegal to have ties to any of these groups

Mission #2 (Hostage Crisis)

Mission #2 (Part #1, Hostage Crisis):

New terrorist activities arose two months after the events of mission #1. The agents were called in to deal with a hostage situation at a prestigious private school. CSA Director Verexes’ own son was among the hostages.

The terrorists were a mixed group of super human mercenaries, and they were demanding a sample of Oblique’s electronic circuitry in exchange for the release of the hostages. Verexes was willing to hand over the sample, but he had made sure it was equipped with various tracking signals, so that the heroes could find out who was responsible. Gun, Thomas Dubito and Professor St. Clair were called in to deal with the situation.

The negotiations were cut short when a raging super human named Kyle Richards escaped from an ASTRO labs facility to try to kill the terrorists as revenge for having just murdered his sister on national TV (who was a teacher at the school). Kyle was a young man who in times of great stress would transform in a savage super human monstrosity. He was being held in ASTRO labs, so that researchers could supposedly find a cure for his condition or at the very least prevent anything from triggering the transformation.

Kyle was particularly angry that day. Luckily the agents performed well. They managed to save the hostages, capture some of the terrorists, and inject Kyle with a drug that turned him back into his human self. A superhuman mercenary woman named Armorine, and an unknown apefolk with high speed flight powers were brought into custody. The vile villain named Cannibal was killed, and the duplicator known as Slam Dance escaped. Kyle was taken back to ASTRO labs. Oblique’s circuitry sample was brought back to CSA.

Part #1 (Trouble with Apes)

Mission #1 (Troubles with Apes)
The first few events of the campaign all centered around the devious apefolk scientist turned villain- Dr. Mazra. It is widely known that even among the highly intelligent apefolk, Dr. Mazra was one of the most brilliant scientific minds of the modern world. He was a professor at UofT whose primary field of study was in computer and robotics engineering. However, his mind was brilliant enough that genetics was his secondary area of expertise. Dr. Mazra was progressive in many ways. He was openly involved in a relationship with a human woman named Moria Chen. Moria was also a reputable professor/scientist involved in the study of genetics. Many people frowned on the relationship, and in the end it led to tragedy.

The story began about eight years prior when the couple was walking on campus one evening and were assaulted by a group of antiape humans. The group was led by man named Alex Chong. Alex Chong was Moria’s ex boyfriend, and apparently he was extremely jealous of her relationship with Mazra. Both Moria and Mazra sustained injuries, but the beating given to Mazra was far worse. Mazra and Chen were rushed to hospital. Moria was able to recover from her injuries, but Mazra was left in a coma. It seemed unlikely that he would live, and he ended up being shipped to the apefolk nation of New Azunia (Trinidad/Tobago in our world) for experimental medical treatment. The event was big news in the city, and stirred up much discussion about the state of race relations between the apefolk and humans. Fortunately, Alex and his cronies were arrested, tried and convicted for their crime.

According to the reports from New Azunia, Mazra was in a coma for two years, and despite the best medical care facilities in the world he was reported to have died. Moria made a full recovery and eventually moved on with her life. She continued her work at UofT. A few years after Mazra’s death, she fell for another apefolk professor. His name was Dr. Azuth and he was also a geneticist. The pair dated for a couple of years and fell in love. The two made major headlines when they began a project to develop a means by which humans and apefolk could successfully reproduce with one another. Moria and Azuth were the first trial couple for their experiment, and they had managed to conceive.

The heroes’ first mission began when Moria was well into her pregnancy. Dr. Azuth was kidknapped from a restaurant- apparently by Alex Chong and more antiape minions (though only Alex was identified, as he was the only one not wearing a mask). Police were sent to Moira’s home to protect her in case Alex came for her. CSA was called in to help with the investigation. As it turned out things were not as they seemed. The heroes went to the police station to question members of HUF (Human Unity Front) that were known former associates of Alex and had been brought in for questioning. While they were questioning them the police station was attacked by a pair of superhuman ape terrorists with AFA (Apes for Apes) insignias on their costumes. However whether this was really the case was not determined. The heroes managed to apprehend the pair after they caused some damage to police HQ and stop a riot from apes rights protestors outside who were being emotionally controlled by another mysterious ape terrorist (who escaped).

Next the heroes found out that contact had been lost with the bodyguard team protecting Moria. They hurried to her home and discovered the SWAT team dead. They were in time to battle a group of well armed HUF (Human Unity Front) agents and Alex Chong. However Alex Chong was not Alex Chong. Alex was actually a highly sophisticated android who had assumed the identity of Alex Chong in an effort to frame him for the attack on Chen and Azuth; thus drawing attention away from the true mastermind behind the operation. The android and the surviving HUF agents were captured and brought back to CSA. Moria was also brought back to CSA. She had been slightly injured, but it looked as though the HUF goons had been trying to capture her not kill her.

The android was studied, and it was determined that it was made up of liquid circuitry that was similar in some ways to Oblique’s design (An android agent working for CSA). The captured HUF members could not be interrogated because they had been mind wiped and didn’t even seem to know their own names. However, several were identified based on criminal records. They were mercenaries with anti ape tendencies, but it didn’t seem likely that HUF could have outfitted them with the high tech weaponry and body armor they had been wearing. There was more to it than met the eye, and things were happening outside CSA’s control. A video had been posted on the internet showing men that claimed to be members of HUF beating Dr. Azuth to death. His body was found in park on the waterfront in the west end. Race relations were heating up in the city, and the apefolk community was up in arms.

A lead came in the form of an undercover apefolk CSA agent working in AFA named Uba. He had been attacked in his apartment, apparently by more members of HUF (but later events suggested that this too was likely a set up), and he was currently on the move, trying to escape his assailants. The heroes had to move in fast to save him late at night from the human thugs. After rescuing him, they questioned the thugs that survived. The men claimed to be members of HUF who had been ordered to take out Uba because he was a member of AFA.

Luckily Uba was able to give the heroes some useful intel. According to Uba, four days earlier there had been a big AFA meeting, and at the meeting the members were introduced to a new elder brother called Zargon. Zargon was apparently sent from New Talania to help oversee operations, and improve morale and increase membership. Zargon gave a speech, and Uba believed that he may have used some sort of emotion control powers because after the speech he was left feeling incredibly loyal to Zargon, which is why he never reported any of it back to CSA. The attack and his injuries helped him to shake off this feeling, and he claimed to be feeling back to his old self. He told the agents that Zargon had prophesized that the apefolk would soon enter into a period of darkness, and that he would be the light to help guide them through it.

The evening Uba was attacked, he had learned that Zargon had called another important AFA meeting in response to the events in the news. Uba knew the location the meeting was to be held at and the time. The heroes also deduced from his story that maybe Zargon was the one who had tried to instigate the riot at the police station.

The agents went to investigate a building in the west end based on Uba’s lead. It was a trap. Instead of a meeting, the heroes received a telepathic message.

“The time has come for apefolk to take their place as the dominant species on this planet. Working and living side by side with humans has been a mistake. Humans are nothing more than savage, animals, savage animals that try to guise themselves as civilized, thinking beings, but I have come to see the true face of humanity. I have come to realize what must be done, and it will begin with those who have made me what I am today. I have been waiting many years for my revenge. Alex has now paid for what he did to me. His cohorts should be dead, but thanks to you they still live. Moria should be beside me, but thanks to you she is not. Your interfering has become increasingly vexing. Let me show you what I do to those who vex me. Meet the real Alex Chong or what used to be Alex Chong. I now call him Spasm.”

At this point the heroes faced a deadly and mutated version of Alex Chong along with some nasty rotor drones equipped with machine guns. It was a tough fight, but the agents defeated Spasm and the drones, though not without Whuzam Fung searing Gun’s face during the battle.

The connection had become clear. It seemed that Dr. Mazra must still be alive, and that he must have been responsible for the events of the past couple of days. Unfortunately, they had no leads by which to track him down.

Over the next couple months racial tensions continued. AFA was declared a terrorist organization and was banned by the Canadian government. Efforts were made apprehend the apefolk known as Zargon and capture Dr. Mazra. None of these efforts were successful.

It was decided that with Mazra still it large, it was not safe for Moria to go home. She remained in protective custody at CSA head quarters as she prepared to give birth to her half human, half ape child.


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