Xin Fang


Xin Fang is one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever walk the earth. He was born in ancient China and was an advisor to the Emperor during the Han dynasty. Somehow his spirit was magically imprisoned inside of one Paul’s ancient ancestors and for many generations the first child in the line has served as the vessel/prison for Xin Fang. Other guardian/ancestor spirits also remain bound to the vessel, but these spirits are sworn to help keep Xin Fang contained and protect the vessel.

Xin Fang was released when an occult expert/wizard named Adrian Hermes, being paid by CSA to help Paul control his ancestor spirits, discovered another spirit within Paul. This spirit was in fact Xin Fang, and Adrian Hermes inadvertently released him.

Upon being freed, Xin Fang immediately created a body for himself and set out looking for a mask of gold that had been bonded to his face by the Emperor of China back when he was a mortal. After acquiring the mask from the ROM, he ventured to a cyclopean temple complex in the Himaleya mountains that predated recorded history. From the temple he was able to reach a mystic dimension known as the Plateau of the Leng, and here he found an immense alien entity of tremendous power. Using some sort of foul ritual linked to his golden mask he began to siphon energy from the “Great Old One.” Fortunately, he was stopped by the agents of CSA. His mask was removed, and he was became Lost in Time and Space.

It is presumed that the world has not seen the last of Xin Fang, and he may be the most dangerous enemy that the agents of CSA have ever confronted.


Xin Fang

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