Iron Cross


Iron Cross was a pilot in the Luftwaffe. His name was Heinrich von Durher. He was an exalted pilot with many kills, and the germans considered him a war hero. He was however badly wounded in battle when his plane was shot down. His body was broken and his face badly scarred. He was taken to the secret military lab in near Aushelitz where he was subjected to a ground-breaking experiment. His consciousness was up loaded into a complex cyber brain and implanted into a state of the art cybernetic body. He became the Iron Cross, ready to continue to serve his nation.

The Iron Cross was sent to Paris to take command of the german forces there. His main responsibility was to round up all the jews and send them to the concentration camps, as well as to make sure that Paris would be smouldering ruin when the allies finally reached it. Fortunately, he was defeated by the heroes of CSA, and his robotic body was destroyed.

What happened to his consciousness is unknown. It is possible that it survived the destruction of his body.


Iron Cross

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