Dynasty’s true name is Paul Fung. Paul is a young fellow, barely an adult, and by far CSA’s youngest field agent. However, he is blessed/cursed with tremendous powers. Paul’s body is inhabited by several “ancestor spirits.” Paul can manifest these spirits when he wishes by allowing one of them to take control of him. When this happens his body completely transforms into the physical form of his ancestor spirit. His personality also changes, for each spirit is a unique individual. Despite this Paul seems to retain some control over their actions. What Paul hasn’t learned to control is which spirit takes control when Paul changes.

Paul has recently learned that his spirits are in him for a reason. They were there to protect Paul and help contain the imprisoned spirit of Xin Fang, which is magically bound within Paul. Unfortunately, Xin Fang was inadvertently released by a mage named Adrian Hermes who was helping Paul to learn to control his powers. Paul’s ancestor spirits now seek to once again imprison Xin Fang inside of Paul.

Paul’s known ancestor spirits consist of:

Whuzum Fung: a powerful Chinese sorcerer specializing in fire magic.

Fei Fung: a female sorceress with powers related to enchantment.

Wing Fung: a warrior monk with near supernatural kung fu powers.

Yung Fung: a hulking armoured warrior of great size and strength.



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