Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler was the Fuher and leader of the Third Reich. However, with the help of ape folk technology he was able to achieve far greater military technological advances than the Hitler of our world.

Obsessed with eugenics and the idea of the aryan race, Hitler’s scientists developed a Super Soldier serum that enabled them to create the “Ubermensche.” Hitler used this formula on himself, granting him nearly super human physical characteristics. In addition, Hitler had a prototype suite of power armour constructed for himself, giving him even more potent physical abilities. Consequently, when the agents of CSA confronted him in attempt to put an end to WW II, they found they had a fight on their hands. In the end they managed to destroy his body armour and send him to his grave.

The military scientists of the Third Reich were responsible for many creations that the agents of CSA were forced to deal with. They include:

The Ubermensche: Top german soldiers were given Hitler’s Super Soldier serum, allowing them to perform at the peak of human capacity.

The Uberape: Is what happens when the super soldier serum is applied to an ape folk warrior. The result is a very dangerous ape with a really bad temper. The Uberape became a subordinate of the Iron Cross.

“Mecha:” The germans constructed the first generation of walking tanks, which gave them a great advantage in the ground fight.

Iron Cross: See the Iron Cross entry.


Adolf Hitler

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