Agents of CSA

Mission #7, Dr. Sin a.k.a. Lung the Chinese Dragon

It is December of 1947, and Gun, Dubito and Dynasty have been living in London in a flat provided by the government. Paul Fung has been investigating magical means of traveling forward in time. Paul learns of a man in London’s Chinatown named Mr. Chang who owns an antique shop and is reputed to be an expert on the occult. Mr. Chang may know something about a ritual that could allow them to use time travel.

The heroes go his shop, only to discover it is closed. They soon realize that Mr. Chang lives in a well-appointed apartment above his shop; however, he is none too eager to talk to them. After some pestering and diplomacy they convince Mr. Chang to let them in, and they offer to help him recover his daughter who has been kidknapped. They discover that his shop was broken into the night before, and that criminals were looking for some relic that he is no longer in possession of. They seem to think that he does in fact have the relic and they have taken his daughter hostage, threatening to kill her if he doesn’t bring it to them. The kidknappers have also promised to kill him if he speaks to anyone about what happened.

Mr. Chang is clearly scared of the men who took his daughter and afraid for his life. However, he doesn’t get a chance to tell the heroes much because suddenly tong assassins leap in from a broken skylight and kick in the door. They try to kill both Mr. Chang and the heroes. Their leader is far more capable than the rest of them, having fists the burn with mystic chi flame. A fight ensues. Gun rushes to the defense of Mr. Chang blowing ninjas apart with his bullet hurling. Paul transforms to Whuzum and begins blasting them with fire, while Dubito starts hurling furniture around. The fight is over fairly quick, and the heroes manage to keep Mr. Chang alive, capture the fellow with the flaming fists, as well as a few of the ninja mooks.

After the battle, Mr. Chang shows them a letter saying that his daughter is being held at a nearby construction site, and that he needs to bring the relic before midnight or she will die. It also mentions that if he speaks to anyone about the letter she will also die. He tells the heroes that the man responsible for kidknapping her is a local triad boss named Dr. Sin.

They decide they had best hurry if they’re going to save her, and after placing a quick call to Special Branch and MI-5 to come pick up the ninjas they fly off to the nearby construction site. There they find Mr. Chang’s daughter, Lin, being buried alive in concrete. Several tongs are watching over the ordeal as well as Dr. Sin. Their approach from the air is not subtle, especially with Whuzum riding a flaming dragon he has conjuring out of fire. As soon as Dr. Sin sees them, he undergoes a transformation, changing into a massive oriental dragon. He surges into the air flying for Whuzum. Whuzum blasts the creature with fire, but it has no affect on the dragon, and the creature claws at him, grazing the old man, but still causing a nasty wound. Gun uses his telekinesis to pull Lin out of the concrete and fly her to safety. Thomas lands in the construction site and promptly hurls a cement mixer at the dragon, which bounces off the beast and lands on a trio of ninjas, crushing them to death. Ninjas leap in and surround Dubito, making futile attempts to slashing through his super tough hide with their swords. Paying them no mind, he leaps into the air and lays a might punch into the dragon, catching onto the beast at the same time.

The dragon decides to take Dubito for a ride, and it flies off towards the Thames River with Dubito clinging to its back. Gun follows, while Whuzum takes a moment to recover and take his rage out on some of the ninjas down below. Dubito keeps pounding at the dragon, and the beast responds by blasting him with a gout of fire. Fortunately, Dubito is immune to fire, and it does nothing other than burn off his clothing. The fight rages on, but with the heroes battling the dragon as a team, they start to gain the upper hand. In the end Lung assumes its spirit form and disappears into the Thames.

The agents regroup and plot their next move. Mr. Chang is grateful for the safe return of his daughter, and he admits to them that he lied, and that he actually does have the Jade sword that they were looking for. He explains that they might be able to use the Jade Sword to temporarily bind Xin Fang, which would give Paul time to cast the ritual needed to bind Xin Fang back inside of him. Mr. Chang also gives them information about where they might find a group of tablets that will help them travel back to their own time- they were auctioned off at a Sotheby’s auction prior to the war and were purchased by a wealthy American collector named Tatyana Vanderbilt.

The heroes decide that their first priority will be to deal with the Dragon. They decide to go Dr. Sin’s Palace of China restaurant, which they suspect is the head quarters of Dr. Sin’s criminal activities. Their visit to the restaurant doesn’t take long to escalate into a full-blown battle, especially after they discover their food is poisoned, though the poison proves only minimally effective against the hearty super heroes. Several of the waitstaff and chefs prove to be trained tongs, and Paul fights as Fei Fung, while Dubito and Gun do their usual thing. The tongs are little match for the heroes, but when Dr. Sin assumes his dragon form upstairs and brings the entire ceiling down, the real fun begins. The Palace of China is completely obliterated in the battle, but this time the heroes have a plan. Gun telekinetically drives the Jade Sword into Lung, giving Fei the opportunity triggers the blade’s magic and imprison the dragon inside, thus ending the threat of Dr. Sin.



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