Agents of CSA

Mission #6 (The Fall of the Third Reich)

Mission #6, The Fall of the Third Reich and the Death of Hitler

After the liberation of Paris, the heroes met with Winston Churchill in London, and they were awarded with Distinguished Conduct Medals. The were recruited by the allies to go after Hitler who had set up a base in Auschitwitz Poland where one of the Ape Folk space ships had crashed.

Flash Rogers the famous British Hero helped them with the raid. They infiltrated the ruined apefolk starship, and were confronted by a strange mutated bear that they dubbed “Elastibear” along with several super soldiers. Whuzum Fung used his fire magic to keep elastibear out of the fight, while the other heroes dealt with the ubermensche. It wasn’t long before they were forced to confront Hitler himself in the heart of the ruined alien ship. Hitler was ready for them, and he was outfitted in a battlesuite inspired by ape folk technology. In the end, they managed to kill Hitler and escape the ship.



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