Agents of CSA

Mission #5 (The liberation of Paris)

The campaign picked up in August of 1944. After being blasted through time and space, the heroes found themselves in Paris. It was WWII, the Germans still controlled the city, but the allies had landed on the beaches of Normandy; Operation Overlord was underway as they made their way towards to Paris to free it. The French Forces of the Interior (FFI) had begun staging attacks against their German oppressors, and things were heating up in Paris.

Gun, Dubito, and Paul (Dynasty) began the session waiting in a food line, dressed in Parisian clothing, getting the lay of the land. Professor St. Clair was nowhere to be found. In the line they heard rumors that an agent of Hitler’s known as the Iron Cross, had arrived in Paris to replace general Von Choltitz and quell the uprisings. He was also to see to it that all the jews in Paris be rounded up as quickly as possible and shipped to Poland.

Trouble ensued when a german convoy passed by, delivering a truck load of jews towards the train yard. The heroes decided to step in and were joined by two local heroes. One was a shapeshifting Russian spy who was incognito at a nearby café, and the other was a teleporter calling himself NR (Nietzsche’s Revenge). The convoy was protected by German soldiers, including an Ubermensche (german super soldier) and a German Walker (primitive mecha). NR used his powers to teleport the truck holding the prisoners to a nearby square, where he dealt with the drivers and released them. The rest of team quickly dispatched the walker and the german soldiers.

After the fight they made introductions with their two new allies. The shapeshifter called herself Natasha, and the teleporter referred to himself only as Nietzsche’s Revenge or NR. They spent a couple of minutes considering their next move, and the heroes taught NR and Natasha a few history lessons about the concentration camps and the Holocaust. They were just about to head for a train yard, when a citizen burst onto the street shouting that the Iron Cross was about to destroy Notre Dame Cathedral.

The characters hurried to Notre Dame. It was near Hotel d’Ville, the seat of the Parisian government (currently controlled by the germans). On their way Dubito landed on of his jumps on the hotel and went through the roof. A big fight ensued, as the heroes battled tanks and walkers as well as the Iron Cross, his super soldiers, and the Uber Ape. In the end the Iron Cross was defeated along with his walkers and Super Soldiers.



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