Agents of CSA

Mission #4 (The Rise of Xin Fang)

Mission #4 (The Rise of Xin Fang): A few weeks after their most recent mission, Moria Chen gave birth to her half human/ape folk baby- the first of its kind. At the same time CSA had decided they want to find out more about Paul/Dynasty’s powers. Science had been unable to explain them, so they contracted a sorcerer to examine Paul. The sorcerer was named Dr. Adrian Hermes. CSA was skeptical about her abilities, but she proved that she had some skill. She arrived at CSA headquarters, which was still under repair from the Warbot assault, and there in one of the empty test rooms, closely monitored by Professor St. Clair and other CSA heroes, she met with Paul. Here first step was to have Paul call forth one his personas/ancestor spirits; this enabled her to confirm that there was “magic” at work. CSA explained to her that they wanted Paul to be able to learn to control the changes, so that he could summon the spirit he wishes at will. As a result, Dr. Hermes attempted a ritual on Paul that would theoretically enable him to call forth, whichever spirit he chose. However, something went wrong with the ritual. An entirely new and undiscovered ancestor spirit was released from the depths of Paul’s psyche. This ancestor spirit proved to be a mighty sorcerer, calling himself Xin Fang. Things were different this time. Instead of Paul turning into Xin Fang, this new spirit was pulled right out of him, so that he was entirely separate from Paul. The ritual proved very taxing on Hermes and she passed out just as it culminated. Xin Fang was not in a good mood when he appeared.

“You! You little wretch! How is it possible that you have kept me imprisoned for so long? No matter, I am free now, and you shall never contain me again!”

Before Xin Fang could react Oblique was in the lab, using his time control powers to drag Paul and Hermes to safety before Xin Fang could destroy the vessel that had been holding him. Dubito smashed through the observation window, entering the lab from the control room along with Gun. However, Xin Fang was not in the mood to fight and quickly used his magic to vanish.

After the incident Paul again called on his ancestor spirits and they were questioned. It was learned that they were in fact guardians of his psyche, and it was their job to keep the spirit of Xin Fang locked inside, but now he was free. Paul’s spirits were deeply troubled, for Xin Fang posed a tremendous threat. He was said to have been an advisor to the Emperor of China during the Han Dyansty around 100 CE, and he was known to be cruel man who was also reputed to be a dark sorcerer and eunuch. Each of Paul’s other four spirits was also from this time period and in one way or another had a connection to Xin Fang and considered him to be a dangerous enemy.

It wasn’t long before Xin Fang struck. He broke into the ROM and used his magic to short out the museum’s power, which triggered a security alert. Security guards were called in, but were no match for Xin Fang’s magic. They were transformed into hairless white ghouls to be left behind as a nasty surprise for any visitors. Xin, then stole a golden talisman/mask from an traveling exhibit about ancient Chinese artifacts. The police arrived on the scene, but were ambushed by the ghouls and forced to retreat (those killed by them rose as ghouls themselves). CSA was promptly called to the scene. Professor St. Clair, Dynasty, Dubito, Gun and Oblique all converged on the museum. There the heroes fought their way through the horde of ghouls as they attempted to determine what had been stolen. Xin Fang was long gone, but he had also set up a summoning circle in museum, and he had used it to summon a demon that he left behind to deal with anyone who managed to get past the ghouls. The ghouls were easy enough opponents for the heroes, but the demon and a pair of animated lion statues offered the heroes a greater challenge.

In the end they prevailed and learned that Xin Fang had stolen an ancient, “magical,” golden mask. According to the curator, Xin Fang had worn it during his time as the emperor’s advisor/sorcerer. In fact, it had been heated up and fused to his face as punishment for displeasing the emperor early in his service. It also had a strange rune carved in the forehead that the curator knew nothing about. However, Paul’s ancestor spirits were familiar with it, and they believed that the rune was somehow connected to a remote temple in the Himelayas. Wing Fung, Paul’s warrior monk ancestor, had lived at a remote monastery that guarded the valley that held the hidden temple, and though the location of the temple had been lost to the world, Wing Fung knew its whereabouts. According to Wing, the monks did not know who built the cyclopean temple, for it had been constructed long before recorded history. The temple was considered a mystical but dark place, and it was the job of his order to keep people away from the temple, though they rarely had to perform such duties- for few people seemed to know it existed or have any interest in visiting it. However, the heroes suspected that Xin Fang would be interested in the place, though to what end they could not be sure.

Using a CSA jet, Gun, Dubito, Dynasty, Oblique and St. Claire headed for Asia. As they neared the valley that held the temple, their plane was assaulted by a terrible storm that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Luckily, the heroes successfully crash landed the plane in the valley not far from temple. They approached on foot. Upon finding the entrance to temple, which appeared to be built into the side of the mountain itself, they discovered that access was blocked by an enormous snow drift, and as they prepared to start clearing away the snow, they were ambushed by a pack of hulking yetis that had concealed themselves in the snow. In addition to the yetis, they were forced to confront a terrible giant/oni armed with a sword made from lightning. The fighting was fierce, and their foes were terrible, but fortunately the heroes were not ordinary men (one wasn’t even a man at all), and thanks to their great powers they were able to vanquish their foes.

With the battle over, they were able to clear out the entrance of the temple and push forward. Inside they found a massive sphere of pulsating, swirling energy. They could not determine exactly what the energy did, but being bold heroes they decided to go through it. They suddenly found themselves in an alternate dimension- the mythical Plateau of Leng. There they stood on a field of barren, icy, grey, windswept rock. Mountains could be seen off in the distance, and the sky was a dome composed of energy that looked much like the sphere they entered through from the temple. Bursting out of the ground in the center of the plain was an enormous, translucent crystal like structure, housing some sort of alien entity inside. The crystal was easily as tall as a ten story building, and whatever terrible thing was bound inside of it was of similar size. A field of man sized, egg shaped stones surrounded the great crystal, and a series of floating runes of energy had been conjured around the top of the crystal, and they seemed to be either funneling or sapping energy to or from the crystal prison. Additional energy from each of the runes was streaming to the mask of Xin Fang, who was levitating in the air near the structure. It was difficult to tell whether Xin Fang was siphoning energy from the crystal or channeling power to it. Either option seemed bad. Combat quickly ensued as the heroes made an effort to stop the sorcerer. They quickly discovered that his powers were incredibly formable, as he bound the heroes with shackles of energy sapping magical force and hurled devastating eldritch blasts. The heroes suffered their fair share of injuries, but eventually they managed to remove Xin Fang’s mask. Severing his connection to the colossal crystal holding the imprisoned entity. The end result was a massive burst of eldritch backlash that shunted the heroes out of the Plateau of Leng, hurling them through time and space.



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