Agents of CSA

Mission #2 (Hostage Crisis)

Mission #2 (Part #1, Hostage Crisis):

New terrorist activities arose two months after the events of mission #1. The agents were called in to deal with a hostage situation at a prestigious private school. CSA Director Verexes’ own son was among the hostages.

The terrorists were a mixed group of super human mercenaries, and they were demanding a sample of Oblique’s electronic circuitry in exchange for the release of the hostages. Verexes was willing to hand over the sample, but he had made sure it was equipped with various tracking signals, so that the heroes could find out who was responsible. Gun, Thomas Dubito and Professor St. Clair were called in to deal with the situation.

The negotiations were cut short when a raging super human named Kyle Richards escaped from an ASTRO labs facility to try to kill the terrorists as revenge for having just murdered his sister on national TV (who was a teacher at the school). Kyle was a young man who in times of great stress would transform in a savage super human monstrosity. He was being held in ASTRO labs, so that researchers could supposedly find a cure for his condition or at the very least prevent anything from triggering the transformation.

Kyle was particularly angry that day. Luckily the agents performed well. They managed to save the hostages, capture some of the terrorists, and inject Kyle with a drug that turned him back into his human self. A superhuman mercenary woman named Armorine, and an unknown apefolk with high speed flight powers were brought into custody. The vile villain named Cannibal was killed, and the duplicator known as Slam Dance escaped. Kyle was taken back to ASTRO labs. Oblique’s circuitry sample was brought back to CSA.



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