The world is much different than our own…

In the early 1930s a fleet of alien spacecraft crashed on earth, many were utterly destroyed on impact, causing mass destruction in several places on the planet. Others vanished into the oceans. In a few cases, the emergency systems of some of the ships activated and several escape pods were deployed, but even many of those were damaged or destroyed during the landings. The escape pods that survived contained aliens, but the aliens were still in stasis containers, and when the pods landed the aliens were only just emerging from their stasis. The aliens were not that much different from humans, for they were humanoid apes, and their arrival on earth forever change the course of its history.

The apefolk were easily captured, as they had not recovered from their stasis when the military forces of the nations they landed in closed in on their landing pods. Initially the apemen were put into concentration camps for study. It was obvious from the beginning that they were highly intelligent, and though they did not share any of the languages of men, many were able to learn them at uncanny speeds. It was also quickly discovered that at least a fragment of the apeman population had some degree of psychic powers, as a few were able to telepathically communicate with the humans.

The ships were known to have touched down in several continents (primarily North America, Europe, Africa and Asia). Different regions had different reactions to the apes. The apes from the ship that landed in Canada, landed near Toronto, and they were quickly taken into custody by the Canadian military. However in 1935 they were released from their concentration camps and integrated into society. The apes from the two ships that landed in the United States were also taken into custody held in camps for some time, but at the beginning of World War II they were deported to Canada, where they were given their freedom. A ship landed in Germany, and it is believed that most of the survivors were imprisoned and used in experiments conducted by the Nazi’s. Two other ships crashed in France, and were held in concentration camps until the war broke out. As the Axis rolled through France they were shipped across the English Channel and moved by train to Northern Scotland, where they were put in new camps. The ships that crashed in Africa landed in the Congo and the apemen were able to recover from the their landings before they were discovered. They established a small nation for themselves in the Congo, which continues to exist today. At least two ships crash landed in China, and those apemen were able to escape their wrecked ships, but found themselves being hunted by the Chinese military, and over the next twenty years most were believed to have been killed or captured.

During World War II the apes that had been integrated into Canadian society were eager to gain acceptance, and many volunteered to join the army. The apemen fought with great bravery and tenacity. They proved to be a major asset to the allies, which encouraged the British to draft the apemen being held in Scotland into the war. In the end this strategy enabled the Allies to drive back the Axis, and when the war ended the heroism of apemen helped them earn their acceptance in the west. As a result, in Western Europe and Canada the apemen were given the freedom to live and work among humans. Great Britain even gave them Trinadad, so they could create a nation of their own, and many of the apefolk chose to move there. The United States continued to be highly skeptical of the aliens and refused to allow them entry into their country, as did the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

By the end of World War II the initial shock and fear regarding the apefolk had subsided (though the threat of the psychic powers, which some had demonstrated was still a major concern). The big questions started to get asked. Where did they come from? Why were they here? What was their homeworld like? It was learned that they had come from a distance solar system. Their homeworld had deteriorated into chaos due the machinations of a sentient, artificial intelligence that they had created, but had evolved independently beyond their wildest expectations. The anarchy and chaos resulted in many trying to flee in search of a new home. However the aliens suspected that the rogue AI may have infected their ships with an equivalent to a computer virus, which resulted in a host of malfunctions- hence the crash landings.

Over the years it was discovered that the apefolk were unable to reproduce with humans, but their presence on earth led to many profound changes. Many pieces of alien technology were salvaged, and through reverse engineering a series of incredible scientific breakthroughs were made in many fields. This has led to level of technology now existing on earth that exceeds that of what would otherwise have been possible.

Furthermore, since the arrival of the aliens a few humans have begun to manifest superhuman/psychic powers. The nature of this phenomenon is still not entirely understood, but it is believed that it may be to do with radiation caused by the power supplies of the ships or possibly contact with the apefolk. Other theories also exist, including one that claims that one of the ships was actually carrying specimens of other alien life forms, and upon crashing several alien species much stranger than the apefolk may have escaped onto the planet, and perhaps one of those entities is responsible for unlocking this potential in the human genetic code. Even the apefolk don’t know the details, but they do know that one of their ships in their fleet was a top secret exploration and research vessel. It is believed that this ship crashed in the ocean, and its fate remains a mystery.

All this has led to the existence of a very different and strange modern world- a world where highly intelligent apefolk mix with ordinary humans, and technologies once only dreamed of are beginning to become reality, a world where humans sometimes have powers that could be considered superhuman, a world where strange alien entities may be lurking among us.

Meta/Psychic Powers: Among humans it is believed that about 5% of the population manifests some degree of meta/psychic powers. Of the powers manifested 98% are mental powers, and there is no physical difference to make these individuals stand out from a mundane human. Out of the humans who have superhuman powers 99% have very limited and underdeveloped powers (Rank 1-2). About .1% percent of those who possess metahman powers possess powers great enough to consider them to be true superhumans.

Among the apefolk population it is believed that about 15% of their population possesses psychic powers of some sort. Again these tend to be mental powers and for the most part they are limited and underdeveloped. However, the apefolk have had psychic powers in their population for an unknown number of generations, and they tend to be more capable of developing and using their powers than humans, so generally speaking the apefolk population has more powerful metas than the human one does, particularly ones exhibiting mental powers.

Technology: The arrival of the apefolk on earth brought advanced alien technologies that have led to a tremendous leap forward in the technology existing on earth. The fact that humans are now certain they are not alone in the universe has caused the militaries and governments of the world to look ever more towards space, and take steps to protect themselves in case of an alien invasion.

Power/Energy: Humans now have full nuclear fusion plants that can produce vast amounts of power without the hazardous by products of nuclear fission. Amazing strides have been made in solar and battery technology as well. Cars that rely on oil disappeared in the mid sixties, despite the pressure of the oil lobby groups. This has resulted in a much different and poorer middle east, since so much of their economy had been dependent on the oil trade. However, thanks to ape technology electricity can be produced very cheaply, and the notion of an “energy crisis” does not exist in the modern world.

Vehicles: The changes to how humans produce and store energy has led to huge developments in travel. Cars still exist, but are now completely powered by solar or electric batteries. There are no gas stations to be had, and most cars have batteries that only rarely need to be charged and can be fully charged in about 10 minutes. Most vehicles need recharging only once a month or so.

Flying VTOL vehicles do exist (flying cars), but are currently still too expensive to be purchased by the average consumer. They require special piloting licenses to drive, but generally autopilot systems do the driving, and a human would only have to pilot them if there was a computer failure. So far they have proven to be quite safe and reliable, if a little on the expensive side. There are many airbuses in service, which are very affordable, and provide an extremely efficient mode of public transit that frees up great amounts of space on the roads. Emergency services, and major corporations use them a lot as well. New agencies love hover cars because it can get their reporters to stories very fast.

Alloys/Plastisteel: Another huge change to the world has been the development of fantastic new types of plastic and metal alloys. New alloys exist that are both, incredibly strong, lightweight and rust resistant. There are also new plastics that are equally strong, durable and light. This has made huge improvements to building and construction technology. Bridges and buildings no longer require the kind of maintenance that they did in the past, which has saved vast amounts of money, and allowed humans to build bigger, higher and more spectacular structures than ever before. One particular strong and lightweight plastic known as Plastisteel is commonly used in modern body armour and weapons.

Cyberware: Cybernetics is no longer the realm of science fiction. Huge strides in cyber technology have allowed replacement body parts to be constructed and installed in humans that are fully functional. Cybersurgery remains expensive and invasive, so it is not common unless there has been the loss of a limb due to an accident or disease.

Other Tech: There have been similar levels of advancement in nearly all other areas of science and technology particularly: biotechnology, nanotechnology, genetechnology, computer technology, aerospace technology and robotics. The military applications of these technologies are also being investigated.

Magic: The existence of magic in the world is still a hot topic of debate. However, it is becoming increasingly more accepted that magic is real, and that there are individuals in the world who exhibit powers that are harnessing forces far beyond what can be explained by even today’s advanced levels of scientific knowledge. However, for the most part the existence of magic is still shadowy and mysterious. Many of it’s practitioners operate in secrecy. The governments of the world are far more concerned with possibility of dangerous space aliens lurking about, and of humans and apefolk using metahuman and psychic powers to commit criminal and terrorist acts, so they don’t tend to take the threat of magic as seriously as they should.

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